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Mountain View Estates, at Pasha Court, Rockaway Township, NJ

The project consisted of the construction of multiple single family homes in Rockaway Township, Morris County. The project site encompasses a 34-acres tract of wooded and hilly area. The project required extensive blasting of rock outcropping to construct the access roadway to improve ingress and egress from the site. The project also required extensive site grading and roadway geometry, as well as extensive local permits. The project scope entailed initial real Estate Market Appraisal and studies. The area was considered a “problematic site” due to its landscape and natural geometry with rock immediately below the sub-surface. Due to our experience and innovative approach, we were able to implement blast dynamics to cut the cost and time of excavation for the building foundation and general site grading making the project economically feasible. On site materials were reused to beautify and enhance the natural landscaping, blending the project with its surroundings. Rock retaining walls and garden walls were created from on site material. Left over materials were trucked and utilized on nearby projects and utilized as decorative landscaping and to provide structural support for unstable slope areas at minimum cost to our Clients. The project was delivered on schedule and under budget. The project was valued at $25-million dollars. This project became one of the premier projects in the Township and received praises from local Real Estate companies. Ultimately the project contracted with Century 21, which provide a project summary detailing the amenities of the site and challenges overcome to make this vision a reality for our clients.

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