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Mission Statement

The principals and guidelines that have built Pasha Construction started with our founder’s ideals (Mr. Anthony A. Mortezai, P.E., P.P.) that good old fashion hard work and sound engineering principals make up the foundation of our business. Honesty and integrity is our most valuable resource as professionals and guide us in how we treat, communicate and deal with our Clients on a daily basis. These principals are life lessons that we carry with us and are how we are perceived by others. As such, these principals have helped make Pasha Construction a success and a success we share with our Clients helping make their visions a reality.

Early Roots

Early in his career, our founder Anthony A. Mortezai worked overseas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). During his tenure he got to know the customs and expectations from KSA. Having been raised in that region he was able to understand and commit to the customs of KSA. As such he gained valuable experience and insight to the expectations of his Clients and develop his working philosophy as noted in our “Mission Statement. Below are a few Select Projects for your perusal.


Select Projects

Yanbu Industrial City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mr. Anthony Mortezai served as the Resident Construction Manager. The project included the improvements of underground utilities, concrete pavements, drainage structures, bridges, and roadways, etc. His responsibilities also included maintaining liaison with upper level management and client representatives, including the ability to persuade, influence and motivate all levels of construction for the proper performance of the contractor’s daily activities. Mr. Mortezai also delegated and approved the contract daily construction activities, which amounted to approximately $1-million per day.

National Iranian Oil Company, Robert W. Hunt International

Mr. Mortezai served as a Project Coordinator for a $900-million Housing Project throughout Iran. During this project Mr. Mortezai handled contractor invoices and audits, performed on-site supervision and monitored project activities directly or through staff delegation.

Isfahan Housing Project, Ministry of Public Telephone and Tele Communications (P.T.T.)

Mr. Mortezai served as a Resident Engineer, performing field engineering functions, preparation of monthly and daily reports, quality control, test documentations and scheduling for a roadway and housing project in the City of Isfahan.

Houston Ship Channel Bridge Project

Mr. Mortezai served as a Construction Project Manager on a section of the referenced project. Mr. Mortezai performed plan QA/QC analysis to troubleshoot the design and make revisions/corrections to maintain daily project progress.

Assistant Director of Public Works, City of East Brunswick, NJ

During this time Mr. Mortezai was responsible for various public works project from initial planning stages through design and construction involving roadways, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, drainage channels, Box Culverts/Bridges, site grading, structural analysis of steel and concrete structures, analysis of drainage infrastructures, including the estimate of quantities and costs for such projects up to bid opening and project supervision.

Newark International Airport, Automated People Mover, Port Authority of NY & NJ

This project, supervised by Mr. Mortezai, required a high level of survey accuracy (1/16 inch accuracy) for the installation of the superstructure foundations and anchor bolts. Through his expertise Mr. Mortezai was able to find several discrepancies on submitted plans which resulted in savings for potential claims against the project.

Tyler Road Bridge, Cape May County, NJ, “New Jersey Transit Authority"

Mr. Mortezai supervised the complete design and preparation of the construction documents for the project. These consisted of structural plans, foundation, surveying, architectural drawings, soil erosion and sediment control plans, environmental impact studies, wetland delineation and hydraulic studies.

NJ Transit Authority

Mr. Mortezai has provided surveying and engineering services for numerous NJ Transit facilities throughout the state of NJ. These services included engineering design and surveying services for expansion of existing Bus terminal facilities, railroad facilities, hydraulic analysis, stormwater management and flood control studies. Mr. Mortezai coordinated all related activities related to the projects to properly execute the work with NJ Transit consultants and personnel.

American Concrete

This challenging project in the City of Newark, NJ required extensive structural engineering analysis for foundation design of a Concrete manufacturing plant. The project required complex analysis of the soils characteristics for previously filled foundation areas in conjunction with vibration analysis of these types of foundations. Mr. Mortezai provided surveying, design services and construction supervision from start to finish.