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Corporate Structure  

Pasha Construction has been providing multidiscipline services to our Clients from our early beginnings. It has been our vast experience in all kinds of projects that have helped us find the right combination of services. As such our company is structured to provide our Clients with the services they need from early planning to final design and construction. Our corporate structure allows us to combine our resources in multiple disciplines and experience and licensed professionals, to help make your projects a reality and to deliver the projects on time and on budget.


Licensed Professionals 

  • Professional Engineers
  • Professional Architects
  • Professional Planners
  • Professional Land Surveyors
  • Certified Landscape Architects
  • Certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineers
  • Certified Environmental Scientists
  • Professional Geologists
  • Certified Environmental Managers
  • Certified Environmental Inspectors

Represented Disciplines

  • Construction
  • Architectural
  • Transportation
  • Structural
  • Civil
  • Environmental
  • Traffic
  • Municipal
  • Mechanical
  • Site

Representative Projects 

  • Construction Phase Services
  • Architectural Designs
  • Highway, bridge and Traffic Engineering
  • Transportation Planning
  • Environmental Impact assessment and Analysis
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Stormwater Management
  • Land use Planning
  • Real Estate Planning and Appraisals
  • Master Planning
  • Site Planning and Design
  • Park and Recreational Facility Planning and Design
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Zoning Ordinance Preparation

Software Capabilities

  • Sewer CAD & Water Cad
  • Microsoft Excel
  • AutoCAD / Land Desktop
  • Arc View GIS

Societies & Organizations 

  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • American Institute of Certified Planners
  • American Planning Association
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers
  • National Society of Professional Engineers
  • New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers

Professional Services 

Pasha Construction realizes that the success of a project depends upon early planning and continual project monitoring. From initial concept and real-estate planning to final project completion, Pasha Construction is committed to providing the personnel and corporate resources required for the successful completion of the project. You can rely on our expertise and vast knowledge and experience in all types of Construction projects.

Our staff is also capable of obtaining all Environmental permits from Federal, State and local government such as Flood Hazard Area, Freshwater Wetlands, Zoning and Planning Board approvals. Our goal is to make your project a success and a reality. We accomplish this by listening to the needs and goals of our clients and then providing them the knowledge and support of our professional services to guide them through all phases of the project to final approval and delivery.


Total Client Service Concept  

At Pasha Construction, we have eliminated the need for our clients to work with a variety of firms, since our staff capabilities encompass the full range of expertise. This enables us to provide professional services for all phases of the project, in turn saving our Clients time and money. We’re thorough and efficient because we know future projects depend on getting today’s projects done on time and within budget.


As part of our Total Client Service Concept, we will develop a schedule for all our projects to monitor and constantly update the project’s status so that our team members meet all milestones, deadlines and project budget in an expeditious and cost conscious manner.


Our commitment to scheduling and budgeting, coupled with our multi-disciplined staff, well trained experts and advanced technical experience, will allow an immediate and timely response to our clients’ needs. We have the experience, personnel, and resources available and are ready to meet all challenges.


Professional Staff 

The right combination of project and staff is crucial in our eyes for the successful completion of any project, particularly in a Turn-Key operation. Our experience and effective communication skills bind project, staff and client. As such, we deliver effective management by listening to our client’s needs to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to construction, architectural, planning and engineering problems.


Consequently, we have divided our organization into multiple Divisions of professional staff to provide a specific service. The Director of each unit is a leading expert in the field and a licensed professional. The Director’s, unique expertise contributes to the analyses of each project’s characteristics to foresee problems and to develop solutions before they can delay the project progress and cost effectiveness. Pasha Construction has the qualified technical experts to provide managerial services for the planning, design, construction and construction administration for private development projects, local, state and federal government.





•Construction Management Division:

Provides expertise related to construction management, design, rehabilitation and reconstruction of the company’s various projects. Pasha Construction professional staff participate in design review, value engineering, bidding and contract award and provide construction inspection and administration services. Pasha Construction provides full construction services for the projects we design. These services include receipt of bids, contract award, pre-construction meeting, resident inspection, shop drawing review, responses to contractors’ inquiries, payment requests, change order review, as-built drawings, operating and maintenance manuals and project closeout. Pasha Construction works closely with the owners’ staff to provide a product that meets the specifications and can be immediately operated by the owner and owner’s staff once it is turned over.


•Planning and Zoning Division:

Provides review and/or design of various infrastructure improvements in compliance with local planning boards and zoning boards.


•Land Survey and Right-of-Way Division:

Staff provides Professional Land Surveys for the entire range of surveying activities as follows:

  • Boundary Surveys
  • Lot Staking
  • Topographic
  • Aerial Control – GPS Control
  • Construction Staking
  • Highway Alignment
  • Subdivision Surveys and Plots
  • Engineering and Design Surveys – As-Built records surveys
  • Route Location for Acquisition: Residential and Commercial Mortgage Surveys
  • Cross Section and Profiles
  • River Crossings for Tunnels and Bridges


•Environmental Division:

Procures all types regulatory permits from local, state and federal governments, including flood hazard areas, wetlands and stormwater management facilities, prepare Environmental Assessments, Phase 1A & B reports and wetlands delineation. The Division also performs a variety of water distribution studies and designs.


•Transportation Division:

Staff has the technical expertise and experience to provide the professional engineering services required by our clients. The staff of Pasha Construction has been responsible for the planning, design and construction inspection of many new and widened highway, bridge and local roadway projects.


•Architectural and Structural Division:

Staff has the unique opportunity to get involved in a wide range of structural design functions. These functions include, design and renovations of sites such as office complex, residential and high rise buildings and developments. Our experts are LEED certified professionals versed in Green Building technology to help improve and provide energy efficient and compliant structures.


•Planning Division:

Staff provides services involving land use and infrastructure development, urban and regional planning, Township Master Plans, environmental impact analyses, and development planning services.


•Site Development Division:

Staff provides services to residential and commercial real estate professionals as well as industrial and corporate clients. Our experts lead our clients through site selection and due diligence studies; marketing exhibits and sales efforts, displays for use in planning board meetings; as well as, landscape, stormwater management, traffic and environmental impact studies. Pasha Construction staff will also perform a Preliminary Design feasibility analysis and environmental constraints Analysis, which includes delineation of critical features, steep slopes, wetlands and wooded areas; review and analysis of local, regional and state development requirements; easements; and utility investigations of sanitary sewer and public water supplies.


•Mechanical Services Division:

Provides mechanical, electrical and structural engineering services for public and private buildings. Services include design and construction overview of plumbing, fire suppression, HVAC, electrical and structural systems. The Unit also provides building investigation and analysis to determine state and local deficiencies. Our experts are LEED certified professionals versed in Green Building technology to help improve and/or provide energy efficient and compliant structures.