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Jefferson Village Shopping Mall

This project consisted of a 32,500 square foot commercial center in the Township of Jefferson, NJ. The project scope consisted of the Structural Engineering design, Architectural design and renderings, and a Value Engineering Analysis and Market Study to determine the feasibility and profitability of the project to procure several Anchor stores, retail and commercial businesses and fast food restaurant. In addition to the Real Estate Due-Diligence performed the site was encumbered by natural land slopes and access to State Highway Route 15. The restrictive access precluded the site from being developed for many years. However, we recognized that access was feasible via a loop ramp with reverse curve used to extend the roadway length to height ratio, making the maximum slope requirements feasible. A cast in-place reinforce concrete retaining wall was used along the access roadway to retain the embankments and maximize the use of the site. The project received approval from all permitting agencies including the State. The final project was valued at $20-million dollars.