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Oak Ridge Estates at Meriden Road, Rockaway Township, NJ

The project consisted of the design and construction of multiple single family homes in Rockaway Township in Morris County. Paved driveways throughout the site provide access to the homes. A paved parking area accommodating approximately two cars per unit was constructed. Access to the site is provided from Meriden Road along a Main Drive, with several individual driveways tying into the main access driveway. The project scope entailed a Market Analysis and site evaluation to limit steep slope disturbance. Due to prior project experience the Township conceded to allow Pasha Construction to implement blast-dynamics to level steep slope areas and allow for the construction of the access roads as well as the building sites. Natural stones from the site were re-used to comprise the project retaining walls minimizing the site disturbance. In addition to facilitating the construction of the site, our design team was able to turn a single lot with restrictive environmental areas with critical construction problems into a multi-lot subdivision, increasing the profitability of the entire project. The project was valued at $10-million dollars.